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Dear Author:

Hi! Hello! Thanks for signing up to do this exchange. I wanna say up front I'll love anything you choose to write me for any of the pairings below. I love fic exchanges because I find them to be so fun, so I hope you have fun with this!

These are just ideas below, by no means do you have to stick with them. If something else grabs your fancy and nothing here does, go for it.

General likes: good characterization, sex, banter, physicality and touching and hands, teams as found families, angst, makeouts, road trips, AUs (specifically things like HDM fusion/daemons, spies, soulbonds/soulmates, and the ever classic coffeeshop au or a rule 63/cis sex swap; I've actually yet to find an AU actually that I don't like, and sometimes AUs are easy for people to write!), that classic trope of fake dating, friends to lovers, and even the you bother me so fucking much and I don’t know why but no wait damn I like you.

Dislikes: rape, sexual assault, mentions of Patrick Kane, non con, misogyny, infidelity. That about covers it.

John Carlson/TJ Oshie:

Listen, I’m not entirely sure how this became a thing, except it is now a thing.

There’s anything and everything you could do with these two I’d be fine with. Any of the aus I listed up above? Go for it.

Other things for just regular fic: they played together at the Olympics. When Oshie got traded, he had to give up 74 and go with 77 because Carly currently has it for the Caps (which Carly gave up 74 for the Olympics); Carly apparently texted him and asked/offered once if Oshie wanted it, and Oshie declined so Carly never brought it up again. Carly was one of the first to reach out to talk since the trade, and apparently was one of the Caps involved in showing Oshie around/getting him situated here. Both are American frat boy-esque. What’s the best is that while Carly is way bigger, he’s the younger of the two.

They’re also hilarious in practice, often trying to score after drills on Holtby, so anything there either would be great. And “flirty” in practice. You don’t have to work in the rest of the team, obviously, but if you wanted to, I wouldn’t complain.

Generally things about them: TJ is super into calling the team and people "babe"; they mic'ed him up and it's become a thing he does, so if you wanted to run with that, I'm down. Carly does the crossword a ridiculous amount. He also has a lazy smirk about him always and has the deepest Boston marble mouth, it's hilarious.

Any of the AUs mentioned would go for them too if you need a jump start or something. Go wild and do a terrible bastardization of a Nicholas Sparks book and go full romance route. Give Carly flannel and a sadness beard. Or simple welcome to the team hello, hi, oh no, I really like you. Or fighting over the 74 for the World Cup coming up. Or accidentally married after the World Cup. Or TJ is a mouthy sub that sometimes has too much energy and needs someone to put him in his place, boss him around a bit.

Karl Alzer/Matt Niskanen:

These two kind of snuck up on my this year. They play defensive pairing together so they already have that going for them. But there were some articles that came out later this past season that kind of talked about them more and I got into them. When Nisky signed on to the Caps, he was assigned to be paired with Karl, and it came about that Nisky is really quiet but when he talks it's insiightful and means something. Karl is more laid back so Nisky says. Karl helped Nisky out when he first came. Also, these two kind of were the quiet gossips after the Laich trade.

Which leads me to saying I would be totally happy with fic of them being the silent quiet gossips that notice everything on the team. Five times fic where they kept a running tab on the team background things that no one else picked up on? Or even AU where they're the mean PTSA parents.

Or you know, how did they grow to be a defensive pairing with Nisky signing on and booting Carly out of the pairing with Karl. OR ANGST OF LOSING AND KARL GETTING HURT THIS PLAYOFFS. I'm not picky.

Andre Burakovsky/Evgeny Kuznetsov:

I don't want to call these two the new Ovi and Nicky, but you know they sort of kind of have that tendency. Andre copied Kuzy's celly this year a few times. They play so well together. At Worlds Kuzy went to cheer Andre up after Sweden got bounced. They're both kind of the silly ones on the team. Both of them struggled a bit starting on the Caps, working their way up from the bottom lines.

Maybe they instantly soul bonded when Kuzy finally came over from Russia. Maybe Kuzy starts trying to woo Andre by calling him Russian pet names that Andre doesn't understand.

I just love the idea of these two.

Nicklas Backstrom/TJ Oshie/Alexander Ovechkin:

I'm not ashamed at loving the idea of a Top Line OT3. They were a delight to watch this season on ice and off ice. Nicky and Ovi were so thrilled at finally having a winger to hang with them.

I'm totally down for just straight threesome pwp. Or welcoming TJ to the team. Or taking care of him. Maybe Nicky and Ovi are already a thing but find both of them like TJ and are super down for the idea of seducing him to join them in a relationship after spending months with him and finding they both like him.

I don't have a ton of ideas for them except I just want them.
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