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Ringing In The New Year Comment Ficathon

Welcome to the Last Comment Ficathon of the Year!

Well, it's the last day of 2k14, so why not go out with a bang and have a comment ficathon. Or get an early jump and start of 2k15 with the right priorities, and that's fic.

Maybe your holiday was a bust and you need relief now. Or maybe it was great and you want to prolong it out. Or you didn't get quite what you were looking for in Yuletide or something sparked you there and you want more. Regardless, this is the perfect time for a ficathon. Anything goes, request away. No limitations on prompts.


1. One prompt per comment. Just so we don't have a hot mess on our hands with clogging up things.

Also if you want to post a fill to your own personal journal or somewhere like AO3 because it's too long for one comment box, feel free. Just link it to the prompt comment.

2. Prompts should be somewhat in a general form like this: fandom + pairing/character + prompt.

like so:

Sailor Moon + ensemble + girls night.

3. Leave feedback! Writers love feedback. If someone fills your prompt or you read a fill, please leave a little something for the author.

4. BE NICE. No one be an asshole about a prompt. Everyone be an adult. Likewise, warn for triggering content. I will delete a prompt because there's no adequate warning on the subject material.

5. That's about it. Otherwise, PROMPT AND FILL! SHARE THIS OUT TO EVERYONE. Share with whatever.
Tags: ficathon
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