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highway to the danger zone - a 90s comment ficathon

Welcome to the 90s Comment Ficathon

because who doesn't like the 90s right?


1. Theme:  Obviously, the theme is the 90s. That means you can pretty much take it anyway you want. I'm not going to be a stickler. You can be super literal and prompt TV shows and movies from the 90s. Or you can take episode titles, songs, lyrics, movies, shows, fads, fashions, etc etc and make it applicable. Anything 90s, it works.

2. Format:  One prompt per comment. Prompt format like this:
Fandom/Character(s)/Ship (any or all of the above), 90s related prompt

For example:

TVD, Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, the girls find their old bandboy cds from middle school


Young Justice, M'gann + others, M'gann discovers 90's fads to the detriment of the rest of the team.

Any fandom, including RPF is good to go.

3. No fighting: NO FIGHTING. I mean it. Be cool. If it's a pairing or a prompt you don't like, use that handy thing called the scroll bar and move on. Warn for appropriate triggers when needed.

4. Titles: Since LJ did away with comment titles, it would be super great if on your fills you would bold your title in the first part of your comment. Just use the html of <b> insert title here </b>

5. Other: Multiple fills are totally awesome and okay. Go wild with it. On the same vein, if you want to link back to your own journal if your fill gets too long, that's totally awesome too. It would be great if you thanked the person who filled your prompt.

and last but not least,

6. HAVE FUN: Really, that's a rule. Have fun. Go crazy. Prompt and fill.
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