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welcome to the 'fix it' comment ficathon of 2014

Just like it says on the title

Welcome to the Fix It Comment Ficathon of 2014


Pretty straightforward and explanatory. This is a ficathon for all fandoms/pairings/rpf/whatever, dealing with prompts associated with the theme of 'fix it'. Seems appropriate given most of our shows and such have hit that point of the season or end of the season where we all get angry or upset over stuff done. So here's your chance to fix it. OR, even use the prompts in a way that's not about changing the canon of something, but as an AU, or make someone sick or hurt and fix that. It's whatever you want to interpret it as.

1. One prompt per comment. Just so we don't have a hot mess on our hands with clogging up things.

Also if you want to post a fill to your own personal journal or somewhere like AO3 because it's too long for one comment box, feel free. Just link it to the prompt comment.

2. Prompts should be somewhat in a general form like this: fandom + pairing/character + prompt.

like so:

Teen Wolf, Allison Argent, Alison never dies.

3. Leave feedback! Writers love feedback. If someone fills your prompt or you read a fill, please leave a little something for the author.

4. BE NICE. No one be an asshole about a prompt. Everyone be an adult. Likewise, warn for triggering content. I will delete a prompt because there's no adequate warning on the subject material.

5. That's about it. Otherwise, PROMPT AND FILL! SHARE THIS OUT TO EVERYONE. Banners were made by Megan, who was a dear to do so.
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